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Adobe Updater error: The update server is not responding

For the past several days, my copy of Adobe Reader 9.3 had been unable to update. It was also taking 10-20 seconds to open PDFs. I knew that 9.3.1 had been released, but when I tried to force it to check for updates with Help > Check for Updates, I just got this error message:
The update server is not responding, which means it might be offline at the moment, or the Internet or firewall settings may be incorrect. Please try again later.
After reinstalling Reader and adding a firewall exception didn't help, I stumbled across this Microsoft TechNet Forums post with the solution:
  1. Open Network and Sharing Center
  2. Click Change adapter settings
  3. Right-click the Microsoft Virtual WiFi Miniport Adapter, and click Disable.
  4. Open Adobe Reader and Help > Check for Updates

    Microsoft TechNet Forums: Acrobat Pro 9 on Windows 7 RC: "The update server is not responding..."


    Anonymous said…
    Great this even helps with the updater from CS5 !! Thx alot
    Anonymous said…
    Sweetness! Worked for me on CS5 too...thanks a million. :)
    Anonymous said…
    Saved my butt on CS5 too just now in February 2011! Thanks!
    Shannon Langan said…
    You are fabulous - been struggling with this for WEEKS. Thanks!!!
    andrew said…
    Thanks a million! Been trying to get this to update for over a month. Works perfectly.
    andrew said…
    Thanks a million! Been trying to get this to update for over a month. Works perfectly.
    Anonymous said…
    Amazing.... Thank you so much for posting this fix.
    you're a genius! thank you!
    Anonymous said…
    I don't have a wireless adaptor and still have the problem
    Anonymous said…
    The "solution" that was offered actually only works for people whose computers have the Microsoft Virtual WiFi Miniport Adapter installed, which is not the case for most Windows 7 and Windows 8 users.

    As application developers, we have (at last count) 273 programs installed on each of our workstations and approximately 70% of those programs have auto-update features built in, yet only Adobe Update Manager ever poses any problems.

    As programmers, we thoroughly understand that if hundreds of applications can successfully update themselves on any given machine, and only one program (Adobe) has problems, then the one and only program is the one and only problem.

    Adobe's developers apparently no longer know how to create software that can communicate successfully over a single port, which is the reason that this issue arises on so many computers.
    Aharon Yosef said…
    I completely agree! I am one of those that still don't have a solution, since i don't have Microsoft's Miniport Adapter installed. So what's the solution for me??
    Massi sh. said…
    I do have the same problem since I'm using windows 8. please update this post if you have found the solution. thanks
    Massi sh. said…
    I actually solved the problem. you just need to connect your PC through Ethernet connection. that did it for me. I hope it works for you.
    Anonymous said…
    In case anyone else ever stumbles across this through a Google search or whatever, I was able to fix this issue on Windows 8.1 by:

    1. Go into the Device Manager->View->Show Hidden Devices
    2. Disable Microsoft Hosted Network Virtual Adapter
    3. Disable Microsoft Wi-Fi Direct Virtual Adapter
    Anonymous said…
    FYI ... this problem dogged me for months. The solution above did not help me as it did not apply. I did however find a much easier solution that surprised me. I simply reinstalled Adobe Application Manager and the issue was resolved. Hope that helps others.

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