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Best tech job sites for West Michigan

When I graduated from Grand Valley in April 2008, I looked for an Information Technology job until August, when I landed an IT Support Specialist position. Lately, I've been helping some friends look for IT jobs, so I'm creating this list of the websites I used for finding an IT job. I've listed them from most to least useful.

Indeed is one of the most efficient ways to search, since it searches job sites, newspapers, associations and company career pages. To be automatically notified of new listings, create custom RSS feeds or email alerts.

Dice is focused on Information Technology jobs. Because of the IT focus, you don't have to deal with non-IT jobs appearing in your search results. One of the most annoying thing about the other job search sites was that non-IT jobs with the word "technician" in them kept appearing for me. I didn't want to see listings for "water treatment technician", and with Dice, I didn't. To be automatically notified of new listings, create custom RSS feeds or email alerts (Dice calls these Search Agents).

CareerMatrix is a local job site featuring jobs near Grand Rapids, Michigan. Although the site's design is dated, it's a good resource. I found many local listings that didn't appear on the larger sites. To be automatically notified of new listings, subscribe to the stock RSS feeds or create custom email alerts (CareerMatrix calls these Job Alerts).

Lakerjobs is Grand Valley State University's site for internships and jobs. I found a few listings by companies that like Grand Valley's students and had exclusive jobs available to them. To be automatically notified of new listings, create custom email alerts (Lakerjobs calls these Search Agents).

Craigslist is hit-or-miss because you'll run across lots of one-time gigs and work-at-home schemes. Go to your local Craigslist site, and in the Jobs section, look for the categories you're interested in, like internet engineers, software / qa / dba, systems / network, technical support, and web / info design. To be automatically notified of new listings, subscribe to RSS feeds (click the RSS button in the bottom right of any search results page).

You'll notice I didn't list Monster or CareerBuilder. I tried both for a short time (Monster for a week or two, CareerBuilder for a couple months), but wouldn't recommend either one because the search results weren't as targeted as the other options, and you're competing with so many other people. Also, even if you opt out of all their marketing offers, you'll still get spam. I still get spam from CareerBuilder even though I completely deleted my account over a year ago!


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